NES/Famicom Starting Guide

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NES/Famicom Starting Guide
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Among my gamer friends, I've the biggest retro gamer of the group. I've been asked by a lot of people what is the best NES or Famicom to buy, which system is best suited for young kids, which one is best for collectors, and many more such questions. After being asked for the millionth time such questions, I decided to write a handy dandy buyer's guide for 8-bit Nintendo systems.

This is intended for first time buyers as well as long time veterans. With so many choices out there, I thought I should go over the strengths and weaknesses of each. Hope you guys enjoy!

NES/Famicom Starting Guide ... ing-guide/

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Wow, I didn't even know most of those things existed. What's with the Sharp machine that plays NES games and makes VHS labels? That's the strangest and most oddly specific thing I've ever heard of related to the NES :D

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As I mentioned on nintendoage. Famicom titler needs a mod for rgb out.

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okay changed that and added some more info...should be pretty good now.

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I must say, this is a really helpful guide!
I didn't even know, that 72-Pin Connector replacements would increase pressure on the cartridge.
It makes sense to me though.
Is that why some people complain about cartridges being stuck in Famiclones?

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Yes. New cartridge connectors for any clone, not just NES, tend to have extremely tight grips and require a lot more force to remove than you might think. With repeated use, the cartridge connectors will become looser.