looking for testers for new x86 PC emu version

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looking for testers for new x86 PC emu version
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hi guys. i know i made a thread about my open-source PC emulator Fake86 (written in C) in the past, but i have compiled what i might release as the newest version. i was hoping i could find a few people who would like to give it a test run. i'd love to get feedback, and maybe somebody will run into a huge bug i haven't seen yet or something.

most of the improvements in this version are SPEED (by a lot), audio quality, and i fixed several CPU emulation bugs... hopefully without introducing others.

i know this is a NES dev forum, but most of you are interested in emulation in general and lots of you are good coders as well so i thought it would be a good place to go for this.

here's a ZIP with the new win32 binary, support files, and a 15 MB test hard drive image with DOS 6.22, shareware Wolf3D, and also Ultima 6 to get you started.


it also comes with a blank drive image generator to make your own to install an OS to from floppy images.

it has to be run from the command line, just run fake86.exe without any parameters to see the list of valid ones. this will boot to the test drive image:

fake86.exe -hd0 test.raw

if you're not familiar with it, it emulates an 8086/80186 PC so it's real-mode only. it can emulate hercules, CGA, and VGA/MCGA graphics (but no EGA or 640x480 VGA yet) - it also emulates a disney sound source adapter, and an adlib music synth card.

if you need to change floppy disk images on the fly, ctrl-alt-M switches your view to the fake86 monitor where you can enter commands. for example, this would change the image file used for floppy 0:


typing exit leaves the monitor. i big-time appreciate anybody who helps and checks it out. let me know if you have any questions. fyi, i've started re-writing the whole CPU core to support 386 and protected mode, but it will be a while before that's ready.