Selling unlicensed games on eBay

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Selling unlicensed games on eBay
by on (#106665)
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Hello, everyone
I would like to ask a question, if we develop a nes game, of course, is not Unlicensed , if I can get online sales, such as sales on ebay?
nes patent expired a long time, is not it also means that the platform license expired.
Similar battle kid this game, sold on ebay legal?

I really hope to develop games for the nes, I love NES
Re: Unlicensed game sell´╝č
by on (#106667)
On eBay, a "catalog page" lists several listings for a given product. If eBay has a catalog page for a given product, then I have some measure of faith that the product itself isn't a policy violation. I just checked eBay and found catalog pages for Battle Kid, Klax, Exodus, Bee 52, something else 52, and even Tengen's Tetris. So I wouldn't be worried about policy violation strikes from selling NES-compatible game cartridges just because they don't bear the Official Nintendo Seal, so long as the games themselves are original and not unauthorized copies of someone else's proprietary game.
Re: Selling unlicensed games on eBay
by on (#106691)
I was finally able to design my game, thank you very much, tepples