NES PowerPak problems - garbled picture, text

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NES PowerPak problems - garbled picture, text
by on (#126810)
I just received a PowerPak for the 8-bit Nintendo system, and I'm wondering if anyone else has run into the same problem I'm facing. I have tried it with two different CF cards on two separate NES consoles, and each time I get the same result.

The picture is doubled up, and the text appears garbled (O's end up being G's for some reason). Obviously, it is not useable.

I've attached a picture of the startup screen.

Anyone have some advice? I searched around on this forum, and couldn't find anything obvious that seemed related. Is my PowerPak defective?
Re: NES PowerPak problems - garbled picture, text
by on (#126813)
Looks like something's wrong with PPU A6 or A7. (You're seeing & instead of ., and patterns are repeating every 4 rows (or 128 tiles) ... I wouldn't be surprised if this is a connector problem rather than a powerpak problem, but there could be an incorrect solder blob on the powerpak.