UniversalPPU FPGA PPU source released

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UniversalPPU FPGA PPU source released
by on (#132525)
Due to time constraints and hardware fitting hang-ups, the UniversalPPU project has seen a source release. You can build your own and mess around with it.

That's all fun and well, but the FPGA core still needs work. In the author's words, "I've had very good results with well over half of the games that I've run, but there are still some that have graphical issues and some that refuse to work at all. Basically - games that rely on weird timing quirks of the PPU don't work well, if at all. "

If there is a community of people who seem suited to working on a project like this, this is the one! Is anyone interested in working on such a project?
Re: UniversalPPU FPGA PPU source released
by on (#134805)
Thanks for sharing. I'm going to look at it. It sounds like an interesting project since getting even fake graphics and processor chips is so hard. I assume it uses some SMD-to-DIP40 adapter to work as drop-in replacement. Well, I'll find out in a bit, here. :)

Edit: Oh no, found out that it's a huge board that won't work in most applications. Good for an arcade machine, though!