Bandai Mega gamepad - looking for help!

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Bandai Mega gamepad - looking for help!
by on (#176554)
I found one of these at a local game store last week:
I can't find a manual or any sort of guide on how to use it online. I've fumbled around with it and figured out the basic stuff (rapidfire, slowmo, etc) but I can't make any sense of the most intriguing feature, "Memory". It seems you're supposed to be able to program in a sequence of button presses and replay them for things like passwords or cheat codes but I can't figure out how to get it to work.

Anyone else have one of these, and know how to use it? Alternatively, anyone know where I can find a scan of the instruction manual?
Re: Bandai Mega gamepad - looking for help!
by on (#176563)
I had one of these as a kid, but I'm sorry to say I no longer have it, nor the manual. You might ask Pat the NES Punk on Twitter, he tends to have a lot of peripherals from that era, often with manuals.

I do remember the memory feature doing exactly that -- recording button presses so you could replay them.
Re: Bandai Mega gamepad - looking for help!
by on (#176564)
I had an SN ProgramPad for Super NES, which did something similar. It also came preloaded with macros for several Street Fighter II characters' move sets.
Re: Bandai Mega gamepad - looking for help!
by on (#176571)
Keep searching around for manuals or videos (eg: ... i-remember )

I have the JP version, the Super Controller II, with instructions, that I can fish out of my boxes if you want to do a bit of Japanese reading.
Re: Bandai Mega gamepad - looking for help!
by on (#176573)
Thanks for the suggestion koitsu, I shot a few tweets at Pat. Hopefully he can help.

ccovell, I found the video linked in that TC article already. To get into the "Top Secret" mode and unlock the game&watch style game, you have to "beat" Game 1 and press A & B more than 120 times in a 10 second span. I tried for a few minutes worth but kept coming up short. :(
I'll let you know if I have to resort to getting the Super Controller II manual from you. I can't read Japanese at all but using google translate and a camera has worked for me before.
Re: Bandai Mega gamepad - looking for help!
by on (#176577)
I found pictures of the Japanese instructions in this Famicom World thread: Super Controller II help?. Matching up the English and Japanese labels around the LCD display, it looks like the memory mode is described on page 8, the top left panel on the back side.
Re: Bandai Mega gamepad - looking for help!
by on (#176582)
I can try to have this translated if asked. It may take a few weeks (I don't like nagging my neighbour who does professional JP/EN translation too often).
Re: Bandai Mega gamepad - looking for help!
by on (#176624)
Translating whole manual…I could use the practice. Almost through the frontside.

edit: front and half the back, interlinear translation (with one-word or similarly short on one line)
Translation provided without warranty, though I did translate most of the warranty (it's the hardest part; especially at that angle).
Super Controller II (henceforth SCII)
Printed Instructions for Use
Before using, always read these instructions, please.
注: ゲームソフトの内容によっては使用
Depending on the gamesoft[ware], some modes may not be usable.
Cancel(? don't use) these modes on the SCII, please.
Family Computer/Famicom is a trademark of Nintendo.
==Pages ➊,➋==
All the parts' names, and how to connect them.
プラグ (plug)
LCD表示 (LCD display)
パワースイッチ (Power switch)
十字ボタン (十-character-shaped button (=D-pad))
SELECTボタン (SELECT button)
STARTボタン (START button)
モードボタン (Mode Button)
ロックボタン (Lock Button)
レベルボタン (Level Button)
Bボタン (B button)
Aボタン (A button)
Method of connection.
1. Please turn the Famicom's power off.
2. Insert the SCII's plug into the expansion connector on the front of the Famicom.
After turning on the Famicom's power, turn on the SCII's power.
=in the box=
Wind the cord around the controller as in the diagram and stick the plug in the receptacle.
==Page ➌==
Each button's function
●モードボタン(MODE) = Mode Button (MODE)
┌──→連射→コマ送り →タマ数制限──┐
Use the Mode Button to select the mode you want to use. This diagram…
┌→rapidfire→ Slow mode→Bullet restriction (MEGA it "arsenal mode")──┐
└─Game 1←Memory←Timer←─────────────────────────────────────────────┘
…shows how the modes cycle.
●ロックボタン(LOCK) = Lock Button (LOCK)
A, B, and D-pad may be locked (by you!). When you do, even buttons you're not pressing with your finger will be pressed.
●レベルボタン(LEVEL) = Level Button (LEVEL)
Select each mode's level and rapid fire's set (?) by means of this button.
The use of A, B, Select, Start buttons and the D-pad vary by game. Please look up the manual for details. (I couldn't resist.)

==Page ➍==
3 使い方 Section 3: How to use
①電源 (Power)
Turn on the power by putting the power switch in the ON position.
②モードセット (Mode set)
Choose the desired mode according to procedure.
For each method's setup, consult its explanation.
*On changing mode, press Start to bring up the pause screen for ease of operation.
*Even when in the middle of using one mode, you can change to another mode.
4 各モードの説明 Section 4: Each mode's explanation
Use the Mode Button to select the desired feature.
1. 連射 (rapid fire)
You can rapid-fire A and B buttons.
And, using the lock-button feature at the same time, one can auto-fire.
〈セット〉 (enabling)
Press the Mode Button until "Rapid Fire mode" is selected.
Press the level select button to choose the level (of rapid fire). Choices are 8 [Hz], 16[Hz], 30[Hz], 1/10th of game 1.
that is, one may use 1/10th Game 1's high-score. (ed: And, as game1 is 10 second rapidfire test, this is your "best sustained speed")
==Page ➎==
(not sure) While pressing A or B, you can select [its?] level by pressing the Level Button.
(not sure) Mid-game, pressng a button which has had rapid-fire set permits you to rapid-fire.
While pressing the set button (A or B), press the Level Button to cancel it.
2.コマ送り (Slow/Frame Advance mode)
With the frame-advance mode, you can play a game slowed-down.
〈セット〉 (Enabling)
Press the Mode Button until "Frame Advance mode" is selected.
Press the level select button to choose the level (of slow), of which there are levels 1-30.
Press the start button to begin frame-advance mode (and again to stop).
Use the Mode Button to change mode to end frame-advance mode.
You can use Frame Advance and Rapid-Fire modes simultaneously.
Even mid-gameplay, you can use the Level Button to change frame-advance mode speed.
==Page ➏==
3.タマ数制限 (Bullet restriction (MEGA it "arsenal mode"))
You can limit the number of times you can press A and B.
〈セット〉 (Enabling)
Press the Mode Button until "Bullet restriction[Arsenal] mode" is selected.
Press the Level Button to choose your restriction. You can have a limit from 200-1000 in intervals of 200, making five levels.
When you press A or B, your number will begin to decrease. On hitting zero, the pause screen will be brought up.
Use the Mode Button to change mode to end [arsenal mode]. Start will exit the pause screen.
4.タイマー (timer)
Limit the time you're allowed to play.
〈セット〉 (Enabling)
Press the Mode Button until "Timer" is selected.
Press the Level Button to choose your time limit. For time limit, ten choices exist: 2, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 60, 90, 120 (minutes).
Press start to begin gameplay. When time hits 0, you will be taken to the pause screen.
Use the Mode Button to change mode to end [timer mode]. Start will still exit the pause screen.
==Page ➐==
ファミリーコンピュータ 専用
For exclusive use with Family Computer.
Super Controller II
(The rest was mostly pre-translated in original text)
保証書 (warranty card)
ご住所 (address) 〒 [postal code]
お名前・ふりがな (name [in furigana])
お買い上げ店名・住所 (name and address of retailer)
お買い上げ年月日 (date of purchase) 昭和 (Shōwa [era]) 年(year) 月 (month) 日(day)
[There is a red stamp: 高槻 62.12.22 5010
[Not sure what it means, but probably a stamp of when this was made. 62.12.22 is probably Shōwa era year 62 (1988), Dec 22.]
修理箇所を記入してください。(Nature of problem [but really says "Please fill in the repair parts[ what needs fixing]])
●This Warranty card will not be reissued, so please do not lose it. [lit. "save it"]
==Page ➑==
5.メモリー (memory)
You can store up to 16-step button replays, of A/B/D-pad.
〈セット〉 (Enabling)
Press the Mode Button until "memory mode" is selected.
Begin by pressing the Lock Button.
Each button press (including D-pad) is one step; one may record up to 16 presses.
On hitting 16, a warning tone will sound, and it will automatically stop. However, one can stop early by pressing the Lock button.
〈再生〉 (Playback)
If you press the Level Button, it replays [the memory].
Use the Mode Button to change mode to end.
(Kind of lost on this one.) On the D-pad, up to 16 presses on each axis can be done.
In the case where you press A or B first on setting memory, only A and B presses will be remembered.
〈メモリーの使用例〉 (Examples of use for Memory)
One can memorize a password of less than 16 'characters'.
*Memory contents will be kept even if power is turned off.
6.ゲーム (game)
A rapid fire game. Compete to see how many presses you can make in 10 seconds!
==Page ➒==
One can play the game separate from the Famicom.
Press the Mode Button until "game" is selected.
On pressing START, 10 seconds will be displayed.
Press the A/B buttons, please! The game starts and time decreases. When time reaches 0, your rapid-fire for the 10 seconds will be displayed.
To play again, press START.
Press the Mode Button and change the mode to cancel. [While repeated, each instance is subtly different.]
On making a high score, it can be used as a speed in rapid-fire mode. The high score will be saved even if power is turned off.
パワーインジケーター (power indicator)
連射数30で1ゲージ表示 (Every 30 presses lights one…)
MAX 150
タイム表示 (Time indicator)
5: ロックボタンで使う機能: Section 5: Using the Lock Button
1.A・Bロック (A/B lock)
When one locks A, B; even when hands-off they will be pressed.
〈セット〉 (Enabling)
If, while pressing A and/or B, you press the Lock Button, they'll be locked.
Press the lock button while holding A/B to disable.
〈使用例〉 (Examples of use)
==Page ➓==
If used at the same time as rapid-fire mode, one can auto-fire.
2.セルフロック (Self-lock)
One can make a game one-direction(/non-interactive?), by self-locking, holding for more than two seconds; depending on the directoin, this direction will be held regardless of whether you're pressing it.
〈セット〉 (Enabling)
Press up on the D-pad and the Lock Button at the same time.
If you move in a direction for more than about 2 seconds pressing the d-pad, you'll keep moving even if you release.
Press the D-pad again to stop.
Press up on the D-pad and the Lock Button simultaneously to disable.
セルフロックしている 方向が点滅します。(self-locked directions will blink)
>セルフロック (self-lock)
〈使用例〉 (Examples of use)
In cases like RPGs where you're going one way for a while, use this to give your hands a break (lit. "be in comfort").
==Page ⓫==
Depending on the game, some modes won't work.
Don't use these modes with the SCII, please.
6: 電池の交換方法 Section 6: How to change the batteries
Use one layer of 4 batteries (AAA) (sold separately).
On the back of the case, remove the cover of the battery container in the direction shown by the arrow.
Without mixing up the +/- terminals, insert the batteries, please.
Close the cover by sliding it into the slot until completely shut. (It'll click.)
Note: In case of strange operation after changing batteries, remove them, and wait a bit before inserting again.
==Page ⓬==
保証規定 : warrantee stipulations
In the unlikely event of breakdown during normal operation during the warranty period (6 months from purchase), replacement parts will be provided at no charge.
Repairs will be charged as follows:
 C)Fire, ?, flood, contamination, abnormal high-voltage[power surge?], out-of-spec power-use (high voltage, ?) as well as natural disasters and calamities and the like,
 D)cases where the warranty card is not presented.
 E)cases where the required facts on the warranty card are left blank, or the information rewritten.
"This Warranty is valid only in Japan."
Re: Bandai Mega gamepad - looking for help!
by on (#176631)
(see above for translation of how to use each mode;double-post as the edits aren't going to show new activity)
Re: Bandai Mega gamepad - looking for help!
by on (#176640)
Whoa! Thanks Myask!

I was kind of wondering if "Game 1" had any practical use, it's cool that it can be used to set the autofire rate.
Re: Bandai Mega gamepad - looking for help!
by on (#176680)
According to other sources like Wikipedia, it also unlocks the falling-blocks game (labeled "top secret") if your high score is 120+ (4 power bars).

I feel like I mistranslated the memory bit; being able to do 16 steps and have each have up to 16 UDLR presses before your A/B press makes more sense (and allows it to actually get, say, Megaman passwords). But, I'm not sure.
Re: Bandai Mega gamepad - looking for help!
by on (#176688)
Myask wrote:
I feel like I mistranslated the memory bit; being able to do 16 steps and have each have up to 16 UDLR presses before your A/B press makes more sense (and allows it to actually get, say, Megaman passwords). But, I'm not sure.

I can have page 8 translated professionally (won't cost anything) if you're worried/concerned.
Re: Bandai Mega gamepad - looking for help!
by on (#176691)
It does seem easy to test, at least, thanks to the warning tone.
(mode until memory)→lock→leftx8→Ax10
If warning tone sounded, then it counts as a step. If not, then it doesn't.

(Still too weak to do Metroid (except NARPAS SWORD), The Guardian Legend, and some of Faxanadu.

Oh, and Maniac Mansion (J). Y'know, the one the devs included a password egg in apologizing for the password length.
Re: Bandai Mega gamepad - looking for help!
by on (#176708)
I was able to get the memory mode working, somewhat. I fired up a controller test rom and was able to get it to record and play back some sequences but with a bunch of limitations.
In the case where you press A or B first on setting memory, only A and B presses will be remembered.
This was a bit confusing to me at first. The controller will only record one of the two face buttons, whichever is the first one you press. example: if you try to record "Up A Down B Left A Right B" it will play back as "Up A Down Left A Right". If you record "Up B Down A Left A Right B" it will play back as "Up B Down Left Right B".
EDIT: note that these are hypothetical examples, I'm not 100% sure if the dpad inputs will play in that exact order.

Also, D-pad presses are sometimes played out of sequence. For example, if I try to record the Konami code (the TMNTIII variation, 'cause that's the one I used most as a kid :) ), it plays back as "Up Up Down Down Right Right Left Left A". The manual implies that the feature was designed for password screens, so I guess in most cases the specific order of the d-pad inputs doesn't really matter as long as they are in the same position relative to the "A" button presses.

I'm curious to play around with this more and document the behavior. If anyone's interested I can crack the thing open and snap some hardware photos.

EDIT2: I might give jroatch's button logger rom a go too. Could be useful in characterizing the timing.