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IC orders
by on (#233642)
I know I have posted a few random ones, just wondering if I am missing anything as to the where people are getting their SNES and NES EPROMs

I am okay ordering on ebay or off aliexpress even, but waiting 3-6 months for your order sometimes seems quite ridiculous. I had my order arrive today that was express shipped via a supplier in CN that took 4 months, for express shipping.

Anyone know a better (yet still cheaper) more local supplier? Where do you buy your components?
Re: IC orders
by on (#233643)
Basically, for anything that is 512KB or less, use modern flash from SST=Microchip, not UVEPROMs.

For larger parts, you have to either use modern 3V flash with translation, or find someone selling used parts.
Re: IC orders
by on (#233653)
4 months sure seems a little rough, although I wonder what the real reputation of that seller is, perhaps they used some cheap ass non trackable shipping method even though they got paid for express. Anything I order actually gets to me in around a month, maybe 1 and a half month from China/Hong Kong to Europe and I always use registered airmail with tracking number and I always ask and pay for that. Unfortunately I think importing from there is your only option as no one else in the world has any sort of reasonable supply of memories, only used memories on "feebay" is your only alternate and unofficial way to get memories from local people
Re: IC orders
by on (#233663)
I always order off ebay, perhaps i should try Aliexpress
Re: IC orders
by on (#233678)
If you know it'll take 4 months to finish developing your game, and you have a second game planned after that, could you order the memories for the first printing months in advance based on number of crowdfunding backers?