How to Copy Nes Game to EPROM?

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How to Copy Nes Game to EPROM?
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Hello everyone

In a few days i will get my eprom Burner. + 32k chips (if i can find any)
if you know where they sale for cheap let me know:):)

I will buy a couple of mario duck hunt cart. & try to put a other game on it.

just to make a Test
but i really dunno Which would work (is there a list ) that would be compatible with mario & duck cart

Remove both chips & put sockets + add the new eprom i guess this is it :P

Also how to DUMP a rom to the chips with the programmer???

It seems the hardest part i can't figure it out yet.

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Don't use EPROMs if you want to reprogram them. That's just more trouble than it's worth. A flash chip like AT29C256 would be better, but they cost a little more (like $5 versus $1). It's still cheaper than buying an EPROM eraser. I think has them.

I think the only games you can run on an SMB/DH carts are the ones without mappers. That'd be the ones listed as NROM on here:

Be careful too, the vast majority of SMB/DH carts don't have removable ROMs. You can tell without opening it by looking at the pins on the connector, if the pins in the middle aren't there, you can't use that board version.

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so basicly i buy wich socket to put AT29C256 on the SMB/duck hunt?

also. how can i program them ??.also.:)

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Use these kinds of sockets:

I like to stack 2 of them together (the chip sitting in one semi-permanently), so they're easier to plug/unplug.

As for how to program the chip, that depends entirely on the programmer you use (and there's hundreds of different types). Just be sure it supports the chips you want before you buy.

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Extra WIIIIIDE link
this seems a fair price one but tho i dont like the fack it seems CHEAP as hell :P
I might think buying this one too 79$ seems okay to me!:P

I would prefer one with a enclosure...

but let say i buy one of these

How can i take a .nes to ship it to the programmer I heard you need to split the .nes file this is what i don't get ....

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So it actually might be easier to use smb or duck hunt rather than the combo cart since you're not going to get a glop top.

Yes, you do need to split the file. I usually do it in a hex editor. Read up on the ines header and you'll understand more of how to tell how big to make each file. Basically I load the file, cut off the header, cut off the CHR, save the file as game.prg, open the file again, chop off the header, chop off the prg, save the file as game.chr.

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I might just use an old OTHELLO game cart

since i dont have dupplicate yet just to give it a try Othello |Acclaim |C |NROM
this is what it is.

It's single Game not combo.

i need to go buy a 3.8mm Tool to open my cart i really think i had one:(

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hayabusafmw wrote:
I might think buying this one too 79$ seems okay to me!:P

I looked up it's chip support. It only lists some EPROMs and 28F-series flashroms, so I guess it won't support the AT29C256.

The Willem programmer on ebay is like the one I have (bought from It's pretty good, supports a decent range of chips. Only bad thing is that you have to set jumpers and dipswitches to select a chip.

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are the dip switch hard to Set?

Because i really thought to buy this programmer since it's cheap priced.
+ the chips aswell.:)

I just need to figure how to dump them to the eprom & how to Split them im looking through it:)