how to replace batter in GAR using CopyNes

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how to replace batter in GAR using CopyNes
by on (#30348)
I was thinking about buying the copynes at retrousb for the sole purpose of replacing my battery in my game action replay. has anyone done this? is it hard? I dont want to buy one and then not be able to do it. thanks

by on (#30356)
I've done it, it's very easy. Just change the battery first and then use the "Fix GAR" function to reload the RAM in the device. Buying a CopyNES just for this purpose is a bit extreme though. I'd do it no charge, just cover return shipping. Otherwise, I think nesreproductions offers this service as well, not sure what they charge offhand though.

by on (#30363)
so the device stops funtioning permanatley if the s-ram ever loses its battery power?

by on (#30364)
Not if you have CopyNES. ;)


by on (#30378)
If your battery is not dead yet, don't replace the battery until you backup the SRAM contents. Maybe you could have some unique data or something.

by on (#30426)
I've done this service for a few video game stores. The GAR SRAM content is not supplied with the copyNES software. You need to find an image elsewhere.

As far as backing up what's there... No point. It always changes! Every time you backup the unit, it's never the same. And I've never had issues moving SRAM content from one unit to another.

The biggest issue most people would find is actually installing the new battery. Finding the correct battery holder that fits in there is a PAIN.

by on (#30452)
can i dump the SRAM using copynes, then replace the battery, and then put the SRAM back onto the GAR?

by on (#30458)
You should be able to.

by on (#30468)
The GAR SRAM image is included with the CopyNes software (I just checked.).