lpt nes

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lpt nes
by on (#4472)
Just wondering if anyone has a better schematic of the ltp to nes interface. I made one (I think it's pretty right) but without the transistor & /IRQ setup.
by on (#4656)
What do you mean by better?

by on (#4670)
well, the ASCII schematic is illegible for me. I just hooked things up like I'd assume they should be, the only thing I couldn't figure out is what pin the /IRQ circuit hooks up to.
lpt nes
by on (#4674)
hmm, perhaps i should draw a better schematic?... i think WinXP should have EDIT too?

P/S connects to transistor base with resistor of 10k in series, emitter connects to GND and collector connects to /IRQ.

There is a updated version of lptnes.exe available, i also made some changes to the schematic, but the old one should work fine too. I only dded a parasite powersource, and external pull-up to /IRQ input (the internal pull-up was insufficient for me).

by on (#4714)
ah, I see. The schematic is much easier to read in edit :)
Looks like I kinda missed that notice in the file :?