NES Synth Progress: TSUNDERE

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NES Synth Progress: TSUNDERE
by on (#68026) (ty fox)

As you can probably see, I've finished my proof of concept of a true NES-based Synthesizer. Once again I'd like to thank everyone here, especially skrasm and kevtris, for all their support these past two months.

I'll be posting a full schematic and code on my site:
Along with that I'll post an untested schematic of this system in cartridge form, so you don't have to tear open an NES just to use its CPU. The schematic is almost exclusively by kevtris; my contribution is adding the microcontroller.

Code for the microcontroller inspired by skrasms' past research, and his very helpful test code.

The writeup on my site should be up by Monday, I'll take this weekend to do a nice one, with lots of pictures and commented code and such.

I dub the system and the subsequent cartridge The Sonik Unified NES Design for Euphonic Rhythm Experiments (TSUNDERE).

by on (#68034)
You can link directly to the "HQ" version like this:

Nice work, but why not feed it something more interesting? :)

by on (#68041)
Well done Jarek !
Now throw some pots and a midi socket on that arduino ;)

by on (#68056)
Here's the writeup: .

Let me know what you guys think/what I should fix/what you'd like to see! Let me just know if you like it =).

by on (#68767)
Great work Jarek and thank you for sharing this with us.