Famiclone to Nes cartridge adapter (60 to 72)

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Famiclone to Nes cartridge adapter (60 to 72)
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I recently added a 60 pin connector from an old famiclone (something like subor without keyboard) to my nes. I used the documentation from the site because it seems that the connector pinout from my famiclone was the same as the famicom one. At first it worked almost perfectly except that the connector pins were a little bit dirty and there were some graphic flaws because of it. I tested it using 4 famiclone cartridges: Aladin 2, Kick Master, 3 eyes boy and Robocop 2. I cleaned the connector with some alcohol and after that when I inserted the cartridge and powered the nes the image started to tremble in some areas. I cleaned the connector using some brush this time and the image started to tremble more than the frist time and the Robocop 2 cartride froze with the title screen (that first sequence which reads "Robocop 2" with blue letters). So i verified the wiring and everything was ok. Then i read on the forum about some 470 ohm resistors connected on the PRG datalines. I connected the resistors and the image got way better but still the robocop 2 cartridge won't run. Then i added some more resistors to the CHR datalines too, and again the image improved and was almost perfect for some games but when playing 3 eyes boy the health bar still trembled a bit. When i inserted the robocop 2 cartridge nothing changed. The game freezes at the title screen. Anyway, what can i do to make ALL the games work normally with no glitches and errors? Can you give me some advices please? Thanks.

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I recently made my own using a SMB cart and the NES mobo side of a bad 72 pin connector. All the traces going to the SMB globtops are cut and redirected to the 60 pin connection. I didn't have to add any resistors or anything you're talking about. But that might have been because my carts don't use mappers IDK. Are you 100% sure all your connections are good? Depending how you're making yours it would be really hard to be certain of this unless everything was working.

Something I had issues with was the famicom cart can move side to side a little bit and can cause issues loosing contact or contacting 2 pins instead of just the one it's supposed to. Something like this could be the cause because every time you insert the cart it may act differently. Try sliding the cart left/right inside your connector.

Good luck! This project destroyed a whole weekend for me but I eventually got it working after several tries and fixes...

Big image: 60to72pin.jpg
Big image: 60to72pinDone.jpg

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Great idea! But man....you sure chose the wrong board to use! :lol:

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Posted: Sun May 15, 2011 6:14 am    Post subject:
Great idea! But man....you sure chose the wrong board to use!

Naw, I chose the cheapest least valuable one I had sitting around. The glob tops are a minor challenge to work with once you get good at soldering to traces on the board. I'm used to soldering to much smaller runs with all the controllers I make.

Although, if someone without vast soldering experience was attempting this you're right. Don't try golb tops. Go with something that has through hole standard dip roms.

The other thing is the famicom and NES are setup kinda backwards. You can see all my wires go from one side to the other. If you placed the famicom cart upside down the wires wouldn't have to make the leap to the other side of the cartridge. It would be more like the converter that came inside some games.

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I extended mine so I could use the FDS adapter:






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drk421 wrote:
I extended mine so I could use the FDS adapter

So you can play FDS on the NES? I never thought that would be compatible without wiring all kinds of connections to the Expansion port.
Well...I actually never looked into that and I have not really a clue, how the FDS works...

Still, FDS connected to a NES is awesome!

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I never thought that would be compatible without wiring all kinds of connections to the Expansion port.

There's nothing special about the FDS. It only uses the cartridge connector on the Famicom.

If you want the FDS sound channel you can do some internal soldering on the NES.

I solved the extra FDS sound channel differently, I just added an audio cable that comes out of my NES/Famicom adapter that joins with a Y cable from the NES's audio output.