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The BEST Game Boy Pocket Rechargeable Battery Pak! (At least in my opinion)

Apr 12, 2012 at 9:51:45 AM
JohnnyPhantom (118)
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Hey All!
I've been collecting more and more Game Boy stuff recently, and with my modified and improved Game Boy Pocket, I've been playing alot recently. With the more use and now a back light, my AAA batteries don't stand a chance. So I needed a battery Pak. I took a gamble and purchased one new in the box off Amazon for $2 and I LOVE IT!

It's the "PowerPak" by InterAct/Preformance

It' does add some weight and thickness to the system, but thats to be expected. But it comes with a AC adapter that can work with the Game Boy Pocket as well, it has a battery level meter built into it so you can monitor the remaing charge in the unit with a simple press of a button. As well as 2 AMAZINGLY AWESOME well thought desgins I LOVE and wondered why no one has done this before!

1 is, if you're like me, you hate the idea of battery paks since they replace the battery door. I always hate this since the door can then easily become missing! But this unit actually has a place for the door to snap onto! so you can't loose the door! and it fits flush with the batery pack! Simply awesome!

the 2nd design part i love is that the charging jack is on the left of the unit, not on the bottom! Why is this great? well if you're a lazy gamer like me, you don't always want to be sitting up hunched over the game boy, you'd want to lay down on your back and relax. When laying down the most common place I find i place my handheld is on my chest. With the AC cord plugged in on the bottom, its like a pen poking you in the chest if you lay to play (also doing this creates stress on the AC cord and could break it or the DC in jack). With the jack to the left all these problems are resolved!

I Highly reccomned this battery pak!


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