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FS JP Sega Saturn games. Some rare titles

Oct 18 at 6:24:02 PM
Guigui (4)
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Hello NA,

Pictures are here --> <--

Selling from France, prices are in Euros. Shipping to most EU countries is in the 10€ range, shipping overseas at cost. Paypal payment.

Trades/buy possibles, I have a small wanted list of rare/obscure JP SS games.

[b]* Saturn Bomberman Party Pac JP 170€[/b] Quite rare pack. Almost new, opened only to take the pictures. The whole content is detailed here :

[b]* Nissan presents Over Drivin' GTR T-10613G, 80€[/b] Spine. Quite high price because it is the standard version of the game, much rarer than the limited version with thick box and key ring.

[b]* Seireki 1999 JP 35€ [/b]. Spine. JP version of Powerslave/Exhumed.

[b]* Bug Too! 25€[/b]

[b]* Street Fighter Zero 2 Dash (Satakore) 60€[/b] SFZ2 reprint in Satakore version. Quite rare too, some difference with the standard SFZ2. Details here :
[b]* Choro Q Park Satakore 50€[/b] Satakore version much rarer than standard version. Good shape, manual has some mark from the jewel case.
[b]* Choro Q Park Satakore 10€[/b] No manual
[b]* Enemy Zero Satakore 10€[/b]
[b]* Command & Conquer Satakore 8€[/b] Spine.
[b]* Puzzle Bobble 2X Satakore 8€[/b] Spine
[b]* Kochira Katsushikaku Satakore 8€[/b]
[b]* Virtua Fighter 2 Satakore 5€[/b]
[b]* Honkaku Pro Maajan Testuman Special Satakore 5€[/b]
[b]* Side Pocket 3  Satakore 5€[/b]
[b]* The Conveni Satakore 5€[/b]
[b] *** The whole Satakore lot for 120€ [/b]

[b]* The Yakyuken Special 10€[/b] Spine and manuel in not so good shape

[b]* Chaos Control Remix 5€[/b] Gun Shooter.

[b]* Touge King the Spirit 2, 3€[/b] Spine blue sunfade.

[b]* Tantei Jinguuji Saburou ~Yume no Owari ni~ 3€[/b] Adventure game.

[b]* Side Pocket 2, 3€[/b]

[b] * Theme Park US 10€[/b] One broken hinge.

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