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Missing BRA (Brazilian) option on GBA games

Apr 10, 2018 at 7:56:19 PM
ceresxfl (0)

(Ceres XFL) < Cherub >
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United States
My name is David, from Brazil here =) While I was updating my collection, I noticed that there is no option, under the GBA games, for Brazilian games. At the time, the official distribution here in Brazil was done through Gradiente. A few differences include the lack of Cart ID, a poor quality of the cart's label and the boxes were a bit bigger than the US releases (height wise).

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Apr 27 at 11:20:48 AM
ars2pd (181)
(aRs !) < King Solomon >
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Hi David - I have the full Brazil set - and will update it soon ^^ I just need to find the time to upload and correct the database.

A lot of Brazil is missing, and I have been working on adding these to the database. I believe the NES playtronic list is 100% correct , but sometimes new surprises show up there.

Hopefully I'll have the main licensed consoles added by end of year (: thanks