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FS: EUR Nintendo 3DS Panda Development Unit Plus Celebi Distribution cart and other various Not For Resale Nintendo DS carts

Oct 16 at 4:45:40 PM
Orengefox (1)
(Anthony F) < Cherub >
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Hello everyone,

The main thing I'm looking to sale today is a Nintendo 3DS (Panda) Development Unit. Model No: CTR-001(-01)(EUR). I'd like to sell it for £250 including free shipping worldwide which includes tracking and will require you to sign for it to say that you have received it. It will also be insured so that if anything happens, we can get our money back. If you wish to have it sent using a faster service, an additional surcharge will apply.

When opening the unit up to reveal the controls, buttons, two screens and camera, it's in very good condition with some very tiny dotted marks in places. The top part of the unit where it's got the two cameras, it got some minor scuffs and scratches. The button part of the unit where it shows the model number and other various information has scuffs and scratches. Mainly on the sticker itself. The serial number sticker is still intact but looks like it's starting to peel on one corner. Everything like the cameras, touchscreen, buttons and controls functions perfectly fine. Please refer to the photos for more details.

Although you can still inquire to buy a Japanese version of this model (if there is still any), Nintendo no longer sells the European version of this model on their website. With Nintendo soon pulling the plug on the 3DS, this will be a bit more valuable. I hate to part with it but other things in life come first. Plus, I only ever played around it a couple times before putting it in a drawer and leaving it there for the next however many years. I'd like for it to go to someone who can appreciate it and make good use of it.

PM me if you are interested. Serious buyers only please. I'm a very trustworthy seller. I've even got a friend who can give me a good reference me if you need it. Plus, you're welcome to check my eBay out for more information on how well I'm rated as a seller. Plus, I've got various Not For Resale Nintendo DS Carts I'll be putting up for bid there including a Celebi Distribution Cart if you're interested.*84

Thank you for your time and hope to do business with you.


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