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Database contradictories What's up with them?

Aug 16 at 12:59:13 PM
Last1Up (2)
(Daan Lagerwaard) < Crack Trooper >
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Hi everyone, It has come to my attention that their is a weird situation going on in the database regarding the way Sachen games are listed. If for example you click on Galactic Crusader, the version published by Sachen, is says the developer is Ntreev Soft, but if you click on the Color Dreams release, it lists Sachen as the developer. Isn't it better to just copy the developer from the Sachen entry as I assume that is the original one? I hope someone could either explain to me why this is or their can be something done about it. Thanks for reading!

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Aug 16 at 2:53:40 PM
Tulpa (2)
< Wiz's Mom >
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The developer listing is all sorts of fracked up six ways from Sunday. The publisher part should be accurate.