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Homepage RSS feed broken? Question about the RSS feed for the home page

May 14, 2017 at 1:01:42 PM
mr_johnson22 (0)

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The RSS feed for NintendoAge's home page doesn't work with the feed reader that I use, the LiveClick extension for Firefox; I can add it as a feed but it never has any entries. Strangely, other feed readers (like Firefox's native Live Bookmarks and Thunderbird's feed reader) don't have this issue. I figured this was just a bug in LiveClick, but then I found the W3C Feed Validator Service (which Thunderbird uses to check feed links) and apparently there's an issue with the NintendoAge feed after all.

Is anyone else having an issue getting NintendoAge's feed to work properly with their feed reader? Perhaps the issue I'm experiencing with LiveClick is a problem with the feed itself that only trips up certain feed readers.
This isn't a dealbreaker for me or anything, as I don't mind using another reader for NA. But maybe this is a more widespread issue that other people are dealing with as well, so I figured I may as well point it out.