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Char's Customized Wavebird (Ebay) Ebay Auction - Char's Wavebird

Aug 18 at 11:10:47 PM
GavinCubed (0)
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Hi Everyone, I am doing an Ebay auction for my Char's Customized Wavebird. I figured I would post it on here to get more possible buyers.

The listing ends on Sunday, 25th of August. Link:

Video of this item

Here is the Ebay description:
Char Aznable's Customized Wavebird Gamecube Controller 

This is an authentic limited edition Club Nintendo Wavebird that was only released in Japan. You had to be a member of Club Nintendo and earn points in order to buy it. I received it in great condition from Japan and never used it to game, only to collect for it's rarity and epic looks. I am selling it to help fund for my last semester of college at CofC.


It comes with:

- Char's Wavebird Controller

Char's Wavebird Controller Back Cover

- Char's Wavebird Receiver

The box to the controller

- The instructions 

The club Nintendo insert

- The cardboard insert, blue controller bag as well as receiver bag

- Will not be shipped with AA batteries to prevent any possibility of damage


I have made a video in which I open the item and show it working. Due to the rare and collectible nature of the item, I tried to document it as best as possible. I ask that there be no returns as I have shown it completely and in its working condition. I will package it precariously and pay for the shipping. Thanks for looking at my listing!