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In my opinion,--and I'm not an investor buyer in the video game space but I think most of the investor buyers on this site would agree with me--buy something as an investment only if you like it yourself. Speculators frequently fail, while long-term people maybe don't. This applies to video games, stock markets, real estate, comic or literature books, fine commercial or pop art, and just about every investment medium you can think of. If you like it, probably someone else does too. If you don't care about it and just want eventual profit, well we have seen crashes in many markets caused by that attitude. So buy what you genuinely like, because that is the only way to know that it actually has value.

You can buy sealed new games all day long and even pick the discounted ones from a prior generation, but picking what's gonna get hot later in that mode is just gambling. Opening (or not opening) one game is not going to change your life. Persona Q isn't gonna be another Stadium Events or TG16 title. All games are hot now. At most, you would be able to resell what you bought new retail today at $20, for ten times that, quite a few years down the line.

I have a sealed Wii U copy of BotW. Never touched, mint condition. Extremely popular and justifiably perhaps greatest ever game in greatest ever franchise, in a version under published due to unpopular platform. Would you buy it for $200? Why not? ]]>
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