NintendoAge -Sqooner WTF? 2008-07-30T23:36:30 -05.00 !damage! 32 Like Dan said, eh.. an 90-95 okay cool get yourself a bit of a premium for finding something not like MANY others.

I feel that the only good that VGA does is provide proof that a factory seal is a factory seal <--That in some cases is
worth the fee. Purchasing a graded game cause its the norm. in a case is r-tarded. ]]>
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vga = collectors fucked.. morons, something to brag about ]]>
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Just like there are average unread uncirculated comics, and they receive 8.0-9.0 grades.

It's the really pristine ones that get the attention, and the big figures. The ones that truly stand out. ]]>
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The VGA Silver level consists of the grades 85, 80, and 75. The items that receive these grades are in excellent condition. An item graded an 85 will often be referred to as 'case fresh' and should be very close to gold level condition. The term 'case fresh' is certainly justifiable as the average item pulled from a sealed case will grade an 85 due to small flaws which occur when the items are packaged or shipped in the case. ]]>
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Originally posted by: dangevin

With so few sealed collectors (I should say, completionist sealed collectors - I bet everyone here had/has a sealed game that they've coveted for at least a while) these games really are being resold


With so many cropping up, especially in mediocre condition (85 just doesn't make me want to buy a slabbed game) I think we'll see this market decline before it improves. And we may even see people de-slab their games that receive a mediocre grade, just to sell them "loose" and get their money back, and just keep the 90+ gems.

My personal opinion is that the NES library is just too saturated with sub-par quality games to even make grading them worthwhile.  I mean, who really cares if my Dr. Jekyll and Mr Hyde gets and 85 or a 90, the game still sucks.  This game is the equivalent of a "common" in the CCG world, and virtually nobody really cares if it's in perfect condition or not. 

If grading must be done, I would venture that only around roughly 1/3 the total library (really shot in the dark guess) is all that needs to be graded, as they are the games that are, 1) rare, 2) good, or even 3) both rare and good.

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