NintendoAge -Sqooner Formatting glitch 2017-03-26T17:32:44 -05.00 CZroe 3 Originally posted by: captmorgandrinker

With Imgur you can put the pics in an album, and then hotlink the album? Other that that I don't have any suggestions; I haven't had that issue posting from a laptop. Thanks, but I would still need to hotlink the album for each relevant game, since they are alphabetical in the thread and not photographed together alphabetically. I already worked around it for me. I'm just pointing out what causes it in case it can be fixed, since I've seen the formatting break for many other too and never knew why (probably something similar that breaks quotes YouTube and eBay links).
Formatting glitch 2017-03-26T17:06:07 -05.00 CZroe 3 Formatting glitch 2017-03-26T16:33:15 -05.00 CZroe 3 Any time the post contains the same URL more than once, it breaks the first URL and does not turn subsequent iterations of that URL into hypertext.

Manually hyperlinking all but one of them is a viable work-around, but not if you are using mobile (as I usually am). I used a PC and cleaned up my thread, but here it is for reference:

Now, if I were to post that URL again, it would break the formatting of the first link and never format the second as a hyperlink. I'm going to deliberately post the same link three times in a row here, then a different link, then the first link again, so you can see what is happening:
All fiver were pasted as plaintext with simple line breaks and then the first link was manually turned into a hyperlink to demonstrate that it makes bumps the problem down to the next instance. Notice how the second link appears clickable but the third and fifth do not? Well, even that second one is broken (doesn't work). Manually formatting the first one is the only reason it works at all. If I did not do that then the first one would be broken and the second, third, and fifth ones would not be clickable. ]]>